Raider Nation Athletics

  • Reminders to students and families 5/29/24

    • Communication with coaches is important. If a parent wishes to communicate with a coach, he/she should call the school for an appointment. (Approaching a coach during practice or at the end of a competition is not appropriate while a coach is involved with supervision of students).
    • Parents are welcome at all games and matches—and are encouraged to attend. Practices, however, are closed to spectators and guests.
    • Spectators may not coach from the stands or sidelines to the degree that it interferes with or distracts players from the directions of the school coach.
    • Parents, by their presence at competitive events, are also representatives of the school. The expectation of good sportsmanship and positive public decorum sets a model for our athletes and your children.
    • No action on the part of a spectator should repeatedly pull attention from athletic play. If the administrator on site or the school resource officer feels that any action on the part of the spectator contributes to a hostile or unsafe environment, that spectator will be required to leave the athletic event and school grounds. Failure to do so may result in criminal charges.

    To be on an athletic team students:

    Paperwork required online includes a photocopy of your physical signed by a medical professional and a photocopy of your original birth certificate. Student-athletes must have these additional FOUR forms completed which are available on medical history form, parent permission, concussion form, student-athlete consent form.

    Directions for completing the registration and paperwork on can be found here: PlanetHS Quick Instructions

    Help page for here

    ***All paperwork must be uploaded to prior to athletic participation.