• The NEW, on-line directions for submitting  all Athletic Forms for the 2017-2018 School Year

    **Athletic Forms Will No Longer Be Turned In To the Athletic Department.**

     All Forms Must Be Completed On-Line Prior To Trying Out or Practicing  For ALL Sports.

    1. Go to PlanetHS.com and click “sign up”
    2. Parent AND student need to make separate accounts
    3. Once logged in to either parent or student account:
      1. Click Athletic Forms
      2. Click Athletic Participation
      3. Scroll down and click “link accounts” and enter the email address of parent/student who needs to be linked.
        1. The other person will follow the same steps on their account except they will now see the invite and click “approve”
      4. Once the accounts are linked, you will follow steps A-B again and then scroll all the way to the bottom
      5. Click on each of the forms and complete them appropriately.
        1. Physical EXAM form and Birth Certificate will need to be uploaded pictures (make sure it is the page of the physical with doctor’s signature, we don’t need the other pages).

    Parent and student will both have to click on these links from their separate accounts because both signatures will be required before it will be approved.

    Planet HS Quick Instructions for a link to download the above listed directions.

    Here is a link to  the Student-Parent Edition of the Pre-Participation Manual that gives greater detail for submitting paperwork online.

    Quick Account Instructions via Smartphone
    To sign up for the PlanetHS website and follow RAWLINSON ROAD MIDDLE via smart phone, text S1521 to 69274. Text HELP to 69274 for more information. Text STOP to 69274 to opt out. Msg & Data rates may apply. The wireless carriers are not liable for delayed or undelivered messages. Number of messages vary per user