• Dear Oakdale Students and Parents,

    World class knowledge.  World class skills.  Life and career characteristics.  These phrases are components of the Profile of the South Carolina graduate (see below).  Now, you may think that it is way too early to start thinking about graduation, especially if you are in kindergarten! But the truth is, it is essential that we at Oakdale Elementary School STEM Magnet start with the end in mind.  We have a unique opportunity to ensure that each and every child starts strong, and I am grateful and excited that you have chosen Oakdale as the first stop on your journey to success.  We are committed to caring for you, helping shape your character, and providing quality learning experiences.  In a nutshell, we are committed to giving you a solid foundation, so you can be a world class South Carolina graduate!

    As always, I have an open door policy. I want you, our students and parents, to feel free to stop by, call, or email because your input matters.  I am looking forward to an awesome year of growing and learning together!

    Denise Khaalid