2021-22 Letter of Intent (ONLINE/EN LINEA)

  •         Cherry Park → Sullivan 

         5th Grade to 6th Grade

            ENGLISH & ESPAÑOL

    Letter of Intent


2021-22 Letter of Intent (ONLINE/EN LINEA)

  • Sullivan → Rock Hill High

    8th Grade to 9th Grade

            ENGLISH & ESPAÑOL


  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1. If I sign the letter of intent, can I still apply for another school of choice ?

    • Yes, your slot in immersion is pending enrollment into another program. 

    2. If I apply for another Choice program, does that void my letter of intent for immersion?

    • No, your slot is secure until you enroll into another program.

    3. If we don't get into the other Choice program, am I still able to move forward in the immersion program?

    • Yes, as long as you indicated plans to transition on your Intent Form.

    4. Do I have to complete a new Choice Application if I am continuing with the immersion program?

    • No, you do not complete a new application. You should only complete the Letter of Intent if you are transitioning from elementary to middle and/or middle to high.

    5. Do I need to reapply for the dual language immersion Choice program if I was previously accepted and was also enrolled in the Rock Hill Schools Virtual Academy?

    • Currently, your student is noted as a Choice student receiving instruction via the Virtual Academy. This was a courtesy extended by the district because families opted into Choice programming prior to being presented with the option of the Virtual Academy.

      For the coming school year, however, families will either have to choose the Virtual Academy or the dual language immersion program. If you choose for your student to attend the Choice school face-to-face, you will not need to reapply; if you choose for your student to remain in the Virtual Academy, he/she will become a student at his/her zoned school receiving instruction via the Virtual Academy.

    6. May I apply for dual language immersion and for the Virtual Academy?

    • Yes, you may apply for both; however, you may only enroll in a Choice program or the Rock Hill Virtual Academy. If you are offered a slot in a Choice program, you must decline your offer for the Virtual Academy. The Choice Program option is prioritized above the Virtual Academy option.