1. A Night at the Museum -- Sept. 3rdfrom  4:30-7:30 pm. Families will tour the museum and exhibits.
    2. Title I Open Meeting – October 24th5:30 – 6:00pm –TThe purpose of this meeting is to provide information about Title I and how parents may be involved in their child’s education.
    3. School Level Title I Parent & Family Engagement Meeting Breakfast – November 6thfrom 8:15 until 9:15am. All parents and families will be invited to attend a discussion of parent involvement, academics, and school activities.  The principal, assistant principal, Title I teacher specialists, district literacy and math coaches, and technology instructional specialist will attend the meeting to discuss parents’ ideas. Families will take books home for each child. 
    4. Family Math Night at Publix!  January 23rd from 5pm until 7pm - Experience how math connects to the real world by completing a scavenger hunt at the Publix grocery store located at 2186 Cherry Road!  Families will search the aisles for answers to math questions and apply their skills on an activity sheet.  Each student who attends will receive a free book. 
    5. Summer Lunch and Learn.  – May 21stfrom 11:00am until 12:00 noon.We will have an end of the year Lunch and Learn to give parents and families activities for the summer. Parents will attend the first 30 minutes without the children; then parents and children will eat together during the last half hour.  All students attending will receive books to add to their home libraries.