• ATC Students have an opportunity to earn college credits while still in high school through the Early College Program, an agreement between York Technical College and the Applied Technology Center. Dual credit classes are taught on the Applied Technology Center campus, except for Machine Tool Technology I, Heating, Air and Refrigeration Technolgy I, and Introduction to Networking, which are taught on the York Technical College campus.

    Students in selected courses can choose to complete the requirements to meet the college competencies, pay the required course fees, and receive college credit while earning credits toward a high school diploma. Students who choose this option may save money, depending on the number of dual credit courses taken, and will spend fewer hours in college classes after high school graduation, based on the number of college credits earned.

    Students who do not choose the dual credit option for a class can remain in the scheduled class and take the course for high school credit only, with no extra fees or requirements. Students can talk with their high school counselor or ATC counselor to determine if a course offers a dual credit option. Dual credit courses are listed in the District Course Catalog.

    Who is eligible:
    Students who are average and above academically and who have good attendance may be appropriate candidates for Early College coursework. Students must be 16 and classified as a junior or senior to participate.
    To enroll, students must complete a York Technical College application. ATC Counselors can assist your child with this process in an ATC Computer Lab. The York Technical College Parental Permission Form must be completed.
    An SAT, ACT or COMPASS (college placement test) score is needed for enrollment. If needed, your child can take the COMPASS placement test at York Technical College. Your child will need $10, a picture I.D., and his/her social security number. Students can see their ATC Counselor or call the York Technical College Testing Center at 981-7176, for additional information on the testing requirements.

    Refer to the District Course Catalog for a more detailed explanation of the Early College Program and specific course offerings.