Volunteer Info

  • The PTA would like to thank everyone who has volunteered so far this year!
    You are making a difference in the lives of your children and in their school.  Please continue to look for ways to become involved.

    Parent Involvement Increases Student Success.

    Can I really make a difference? Yes, when you are involved, your child achieves more.

    How do I help my child succeed? You can help your child by providing a home that encourages learning and supports your child’s physical, mental, and emotional development. You can help your child succeed by working with the school and other community groups that have an impact on your child.

    What happens if I get involved? Decades of research show that when parents are involved students have:

    • Higher grades, test scores, and graduation rates
    • Better school attendance Increased motivation
    • Better self-esteem
    • Lower rates of suspension
    • Decreased rates of drugs and alcohol
    • Fewer instances of violent behavior
    • Greater enrollment rates in post-secondary education