• Last spring the ART OUTREACH class at Sullivan had a unique opportunity to help school children in Charleston.

    Each year, the music group Hootie and the Blowfish puts on a concert in August in Charleston, SC. Those who attend are asked to bring school supplies for kids in need in Charleston.  They literally pack a bus.  It’s known as The Blowfish Homegrown Roundup (11th year).  Our class did artwork on drumheads donated by Gary Greene, father of Sullivan artist Sunni Greene.  We auctioned off the drumheads.  Then we used the money...over $300 to purchase t-shirts and pencil pouches.  We tie dyed the shirts....30 of them...and decorated the pencil pouches.  In August, they were delivered to the Hootie concert to be distributed to the school children who could use them.  What a great opportunity for our students to help others at the coast.  Gary also spoke to the class about the life of a professional artist.....both exciting and challenging.  Click on the youtube link below to see a video by the local news channel about the event. 

    Sullivan’s Art teacher is Ms. Susan Barnette


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