Degrees and Certifications:

Europa - University Flensburg: Bachelor of Arts with Major: Education - English and History Winthrop University: Master of Arts in Teaching with Major: Secondary English + Middle Level Language Arts Add on Certified in German

Ms. Judith Hanke

Position: 8th Grade English


Current Team: 8-1


Why Do You Love Teaching? For me teaching is much more than a job. Teachers have much more influence on a students' life than most people realize. But not only is the students' life influenced. Students also influence the teacher. I have worked in kindergartens, preschools, elementary schools, a high school, and was a tutor for children and adults between 2 and retirement age. I took part in the learning process of dozens of people. I was part of their life. And I am still part of some. Each student I had affected me in some way or another. They influenced me. Every situation, every conversation, everything I experienced formed me as a teacher and as a person. I think the job of a teacher has a lot of meaning to everyone. For me it is the thought that I can help someone. Not only to learn something, but to be helpful as a person. To make them see that I care. I, as the teacher, get so much back. When a student finally understands something and has the "aha-moment," or a student is excited about something that I taught them, or a student who is proud of something he/she accomplished, or a student smiles at me, or... . All those little moments create and incredible feeling. The feeling that I do something that helps another person and has meaning to their life and gives my life meaning.

What Are Your Goals As A Teacher This Year? My main goal for this year is to create a safe and welcoming environment in which everyone feels valued, supported, respected, and included. The relationship among students and between me and the students is essential to facilitate a productive and positive learning environment. I want that each student has the best learning opportunities and achieve one's full potential. Therefore, different approaches and strategies will be used to foster each individual. I believe that learning should be interesting and fulfill the needs of all students. Incorporating different leaning styles such as kinesthetic, visual, auditory are inevitable in order to achieve the goals of each individual student. I will help students to set their own personal goals and to work together with the students to achieve them.