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  • Rock Hill Schools will have a bond referendum on May 5, 2015, to seek approval of a five-year facility improvement plan that will transform our school facilities in the areas of safety and energy efficiency; building renovations; repairs and replacements; buses and grounds; new construction and technology upgrades.The referendum is in the amount of $110 million, but there will be NO TAX INCREASE for taxpayers. Information on the referendum and how schools will benefit can be found at More


iRock Anytime, Anywhere

During the school year 2012-2013 we are implementing a district-wide focus on  one to one computing:  iRock Anytime, Anywhere.  What an exciting time in Rock Hill Schools!
Our goal is to have a personal  iPad or personal technology device in every student’s hand to use at home and at school  to:   

  •  Instill wonder
  •  Promote critical thinking
  •  Promote discovery
  •  Construct meaning
  •  Spark new insights
  •  Promote creativity
  •  Customize learning

Students need a personal technology tool that provides them with an opportunity to learn anytime, anywhere, we think the Gold Standard device is the iPad.  We will be seeking State approval to move toward digital and pdf copies of textbooks so that our texts can be loaded onto the devices…in the future, no more heavy textbooks!
Our challenge is funding for this type of initiative, so we will need parent and community support to successfully have a personal  iPad  or technology device for every student. 
If you are considering purchasing a technology device for your student, we are recommending the iPad.  For students who do not have a personal iPad or technology device, shared district owned devices will be available for use during the school day. 
As we begin to implement iRock, with the iPad, we will garner donations, scholarships, and financial support to assure that all students have a personal iPad.  It will take time, it will take patience, but we are committed to preparing our students as digital learners and critical thinkers using a tool that will customize their learning experiences. 
Please join us together with us as we embark on:  iRock Anytime, Anywhere!

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